Tiny Tots Program

Our Tiny Tots program is designed for children 3-5 years of age. The emphasis in this class is placed on developing concentration, balance, rhythm, timing and self-discipline. A variety of drills, disguised as games, are used to enhance the children’s muscle coordination, muscle development and basic skills. This class takes on a life of it’s own because children at this age are easily molded. Thus, making their transition from this program into our traditional program virtually seamless.

Beginner Program

Our Beginners program helps introduce the child to the basic concepts of martial arts, teaching the fundamentals of Taekwondo, Judo and self-defense style martial arts. In this class we concentrate on helping the student become a better person by helping them develop self-esteem, self-confidence and self-control. The physical aspects taught in this class aid children in developing motor skills and coordination, equalizing both sides of the body.

Intermediate Program

Our Intermediate program is the second level of training where we begin to incorporate more advanced techniques such as fast kick, double kick, fast-double kick and jumping techniques. The self-defense skills remain simple so that they are easily applied and the judo skills become more advanced. Because we understand a child’s natural instinct to become bored with a regular routine, we keep this class fun and exciting.

Advanced Program

By the time a child reaches the advanced level of training, age appropriateness is no longer an issue. The third level of training is reserved for advanced techniques, refinement and again, the basics to prepare the student for their goal of becoming a Black Belt. Even though the techniques become more advanced in the self-defense area, the movements are even more simplistic, because by this time the student has a better self-awareness of their own body and limitations. The judo movements and takedowns now begin to become faster and more powerful.

Masters Program

Our Masters Program is designed to take the Black Belt student from the beginning stage of Temporary Black Belt toward the ultimate goal of self-mastery of the martial arts. The self-defense techniques become more similar to hand-to-hand combat. All movements are taught in rapid succession so that the student can be more prepared in the event of a real-life, self-defense situation. In addition, teaching the student to remain calm and focused also enables them to better deal with real-life situations.

Teen/Adult Program

Our Teen/Adult class takes a much more hands on approach to Taekwondo and Judo. This class centers on mastering the basics with an exciting real-life atmosphere. This diverse group of people, with aspects from all walks of life, keeps this class entertaining as well as educational.

Sparring Program

Our sparring class introduces children through adults to the ever exciting and growing sport of Olympic Taekwondo. This class is open to all who are interested, from beginner belts through Black Belts. With one of the largest competition teams in Ohio and a record number of competitors earning state and national medals, this is an extremely successful program for Team Players.


Combat Conditioning

Close Quarter Combat (CQC)

Are you going into the military? Work in a job where you are or may be at risk? Or just have an interest in learning a quick, yet effective non-traditional martial art that offers accelerated learning in hand-to-hand combat style self-defense?

If so, then our Players CQC class is a MUST for you! This is an ongoing course, offered two-times per week. It encompasses control techniques designed to disable an attacker through nerve strikes, joint locks, balance displacement, ground tactics and a progressive striking system. THIS IS NOT A MARTIAL ARTS PROGRAM and does not require you to wear a uniform. This is a comprehensive hand-to-hand, hand-to-knife and knife-to-knife system that utilizes the most effective reality-based techniques currently available. It includes basic self-defense techniques, the use of the Kubotan key ring, improvised weapons, victim prevention tactics, environmental awareness techniques, and force-on-force scenario based training.

Classes are open to all responsible participants.We also offer various seminars and private training for groups, organizations and individuals. Seminars include, but are not limited to: Personal protection, knife defense, hand-to-hand combat and non-violent restraining techniques. Our seminars are perfect for bouncers, security companies, security guards, and teachers. It offers methods of restraint that minimizes damage to the offender without hitting or kicking. Perfect for organizations that need to be conscious of, and minimize their liability.

Testing and Seminars


As students work toward earning their next belt, they begin to understand that anything worth having is worth working hard for. Students who attend class often, participate and work to their full potential are usually able to take their belt test on a quarterly basis. There is nothing more rewarding to the student, the parents or to the instructors then the confidence that comes when a student has successfully earned their belt.

Parents Only Internet Seminar

This seminar is designed to teach Internet safety every parent should know. The Hilliard D.A.R.E. Officers present a half-hour power point presentation and we provide everyone who attends with a safety booklet that includes an in-depth guide of the codes the teenagers use to talk to one another (include those meant to keep parents in the dark). You will not want to miss this important safety seminar. This is a totally FREE seminar and is open the entire community. Due to the content we will be covering, NO CHILDREN WILL BE PERMITTED.

Ninja Night

This is likely our most popular event for students under 12 and their parents. Ninja night is a well-supervised sleep over, were the students participate in various activities from the ever-popular obstacle course to dance contests, crafts, movies and more. In addition to an evening filled with fun and games, students are treated to a pizza dinner, snack and breakfast the following morning. Students are always encouraged to bring their friends and family to share in the fun and excitement of Ninja Night.


CAPS is our Child Awareness and Prevention Seminar. This is a free public service provide by Team Players and is open to our students as well as the community at large. During the seminars children are taught essential basic awareness and prevention skills in a serious yet fun atmosphere. During this seminar children are taught things like what a stranger is, who a safe person might be if they are lost, the importance of knowing their full name, address, and telephone number. They also participate in a hands (feet)-on approach to escaping a stranger when our own Blue Man, Justin, allows the children to use him as a target for practice. This seems to be the highlight of the seminar for most children. In addition, The Hilliard D.A.R.E. Officers generously donate their time to provide the parents with fingerprint identification cards. We currently offer these seminars at least twice per year and hope to offer them more frequently in the future.
Here is a list of safety tips


Empowerment, Mental Strength, Protect, Overcome, Watch, Equalize, React, Educate and Defend

This is a free public service offered by Team Players Taekwondo Center. The seminar takes a modern and realistic approach to teach woman and teenage girls prevention, evasion, offensive and defensive techniques to help keep them safe in and around our community. We also introduce “weapons of opportunity” when we introduce various everyday items that are usable, if needed, to protect yourself. Although what we cover is serious, those who take our seminar enjoy their experience and walk away with increased self-confidence knowing that they have learned new ways to think about their safety and to protect themselves. Everyone is encouraged to attend this essential, free seminar on a regular basis because you can never hear this message too often. This free public service is also offered to schools, to churches and, any and all organizations that request it. We donate our time and efforts with the belief that it is everyone’s job to keep our community safe.